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BIM Project Services

Do you want to bring speed, quality and improved communications to your construction projects?

Do you want to bring speed, quality and improved communications to your construction projects?

Construction projects are becoming more and more complex. There are many stakeholders that need to access the right information at the right time to be able to make informed decision. Fortunately, with new technology there is an answer to these new demands.

Our primary goal is to create an efficient and transparent workflow for our customers working with BIM. We call it BIMeye. With BIMeye the efficiency of your work will improve, and you will obtain transparency and increase the quality of your work all through your construction projects from idea to facility management.

Through our close relations with architects, engineers and contractors, we have discovered the need for transparency and close collaborations. The BIM data management solution has been developed and tested based on many years of collaboration with companies within the industry.

Please, have a look at how NCC, Veidekke, Cedervall and Link Arkitekter have successfully solved this issue.


Who are we?

BIM Data Management from Project Services is an independent business unit within Symetri. With a profound experience in the AEC field, the team behind Project Services has developed a BIM data management solution made to support you as a designer whether engineer or architect, using any BIM or CAD tool.

Are you interested to learn more about cloud based BIM Data Management and how it can improve projects all the way from the early phases throughout the engineering and designing process and all the way to Facility Management?

Please, contact us and we will be happy to share our knowledge and experience with you.

Per Ole Otterness,
Per Ole Otterness E-postpoo@symetri.com Telefon+47 41 55 64 54